Lost Whisperer of the Seas (Kobo eBook)

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**Can be read as a first book in the series.**

Dueling. She’s the best around. He knows he’s better, but as a newcomer he keeps quiet. Until the town bully picks one fight too many.

* * *

Tired of drifting from port to port on her family's schooner, teen witch Coral is desperate to find a place where she fits in. Then she discovers the illegal world of magical dueling. She can let her wayward magic fly and finally make friends—if she can hide the competitions from her parents.

A young wizard of prodigious skill, Ty Sterling dreams of a life on the sea. Yet, in this tightly knit enclave of seafaring folk, no one will give a landlubber with no apparent skills a place on board their vessel, and Ty can’t disclose his special training.

As Coral climbs the dueling ranks, the stakes with the town bully go even higher. Her place as a duelist and her work with her beloved dolphins are turning with the tide—until newcomer Ty becomes an ally. Will they find enough trust in each other, despite their secrets, to stay afloat?

LOST WHISPERER OF THE SEAS continues the journey of a generation of magic-wielders as they restore their connections to nature and community.

A sweet romance appropriate for adults and young adults. Contains no sex or graphic violence. Some mild cursing.

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ISBN-13: 9781943469161
Publisher: Sprouting Star Press
Publication Date: July 17th, 2019