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First published in 1872 by the famed and beloved Scottish author George MacDonald, “The Princess and the Goblin” is a classic and widely influential children’s fantasy novel. It is the story of the young and lonely Princess Irene who lives in a large castle in a desolate land with only her nursemaid for company. One day while exploring her castle home, Princess Irene finds a secret stairway in the castle, discovers her great-great-grandmother living in a secret chamber, and is introduced to a new magical world. Princess Irene begins to explore her world outside of the castle, discovers the existence of goblins, whom she was unaware lived nearby, and is rescued from danger by a young miner named Curdie. He and Princess Irene quickly become friends and have more adventures discovering magic and avoiding the violent goblins. When Curdie is captured by the goblins and overhears a plot to kidnap the Princess and flood the King’s mine he is challenged to foil the nefarious plan of the goblins and save the Princess. A masterpiece of children’s literature and a touching story of courage and loyalty, “The Princess and the Goblin” is a timeless treasure. This edition include a biographical afterword.