The Bad Seed: Battle for the Heavens (Hardcover)

The Bad Seed: Battle for the Heavens Cover Image
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It was mid-day when Zachery Morely's mother asked him to fetch herbs from the garden. Unknowingly, this simple chore was going to turn into a life-altering event for him and ultimately his world. It was during this simple task that he found himself face to face with a demon bent on apocalyptic destruction. It was this demon who planted the bad seed, which would give rise to a nearly invincible army. Zachery and his father, George, set off to seek the help of the King and his court to determine what kind of horror the demon had planted, what looked to be an ordinary tree. It is not until this demon tree consumed its first human, did they realize that the tree fed off the living. Their world was in trouble, and Zachery accompanied the King and his guards on an epic journey through the land of men, dwarves, and elves, in search of a hero. Zachery later joined forces with wizards and dragons in the fight against evil, and for all that is good. It is during these epic battles he discovers something - Himself. He realizes to find a hero he had to be one, and through this, he discovers that he is more powerful than he ever could imagine. This story will take you on a fast-paced adventure with battles that could determine the existence of man, and the forges a boy into a hero...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781640841819
ISBN-10: 1640841814
Publisher: Apollo Communications
Publication Date: October 29th, 2017
Pages: 340
Language: English