The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude (Paperback)

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While many of the recipes need to be spiced up, the techniques for homemade vegan cuisine (and protein substitutes) are the best you'll find.

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Are you craving a way to eat killer food without killing yourself, animals, or the planet? Is your brain bloated from watching cooking shows that present recipes you’re never, ever going to make? Have you been searching for a way to prove to your friends that vegan food can be just as delicious, hearty, and satisfying as the meaty meals they’re accustomed to? Then this is the book for you.

Of his journey from watching food porn on his parents’ couch to cooking in Hollywood kitchens to becoming vegan, author Brian Patton writes:

My roommate said he didn’t know what made me a bigger loser: that I was painstakingly preserving episodes of 30 Minute Meals or that I was trying to conceal their existence by labeling them Star Trek....Once I discovered that I could not only survive but thrive without taking the life of another being, I was sold. I was a vegan. For good.

And that’s how an ordinary dude” became the Sexy Vegan and started creating extraordinary food” with a decidedly real-meal appeal. On every page, Brian proves that seriously good food needn’t be too serious.

About the Author

Brian L. Patton is executive chef for Vegin' Out, a vegan food delivery service in Los Angeles. As the quintessential "regular dude" vegan chef, he started posting instructional cooking videos on YouTube as his witty, ukulele playing alter-ego "The Sexy Vegan" and quickly gained a large following. Brian offers his popular cooking demonstrations at stores, restaurants, and community centers throughout Southern California and in his travels around the country.

Praise For…

[D]ecidedly unpreachy...[A] really funny book, which isn’t something most cookbooksespecially not most vegan cookbookscan claim....Recipes are simple and approachable, and they cover everything....The author demystifies ingredients with WTF is...?’ boxes, and many recipes feature smartphone scan codes that lead readers to a relevant cooking videoa nice interactive touch in this fresh, of-the-moment volume.”
Publishers Weekly

Anyone who starts out a cookbook with a quote from Mr. Spock is already a winner in our (cook)book. The Sexy Vegan isn’t short on anything: humor, sass, creativity, or delicious food. We’re particularly excited about Patton’s breakfast chapter aptly titled The Second Most Important Meal of the Day, After Cocktails.’ Humor and the Mostest Ultimate-est Breakfast Sandwich in the History of the Universe? We’re in love.”

More irreverent than sexy, this new vegan cookbook puts a zesty spin on traditionally meat-centric dishes, such as burgers, sliders, and ribs.”
Library Journal

Reserve a spot on your bookshelf for this one. It’s a must-have!”
Ed Begley, Jr., actor, activist, and author of Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life

Brian Patton takes the mystery out of cooking with easy-to-find ingredients and simple presentation. And with sexy offerings like the Portly Fellow, Bourbon Tempeh Sliders, and Buffalo Wangs, this is the perfect book for the veg-curious or the veg-committed.”
Rory Freedman, coauthor of Skinny Bitch

Jam-packed with unfussy yet inventive recipes that anyone can make. The perfect starting point for dudes (and dudettes) with minimal cooking skills, and quite possibly the most-fun-to-browse vegan cookbook ever.”

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ISBN: 9781608680450
ISBN-10: 1608680452
Publisher: New World Library
Publication Date: March 13th, 2012
Pages: 239
Language: English