Couples Sex Guide: Mastering the Intimate Massage: : The Ultimate Guide to Spicing Up the Bedroom: Uncover the Secrets to a Better Sex Li (Paperback)

Couples Sex Guide: Mastering the Intimate Massage: : The Ultimate Guide to Spicing Up the Bedroom: Uncover the Secrets to a Better Sex Li Cover Image
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Discover Secrets Massage Techniques such as the Yoni & Lingam in this Amazing Book Learn the Ancient Art that will Spice Up your Bedroom - 10 Amazing Tantric Tips and Tricks Included. In this book, you will learn how the practice of the intimate massage has helped many couples achieve greater sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Learning the techniques taught in this book will help you develop closer, more meaningful, and highly rewarding relationships. With the consistent application of these principles, you'll find that your commitment and love will only grow deeper. When you give your lover a sensual and intimate massage, you are not expecting anything in return but you are completely engrossed in giving him or her pleasure. While it helps your lover relax and enjoy the massage, it offers you the freedom and convenience to open not only your eyes, but your mind and body as well to a whole new way of experiencing intimacy. The intimate massage is not a novelty but an ancient ritualistic practice common in Eastern traditions. In fact, in many cultures, it is a natural expression of love. As we became more materialistic and our lives got busier, nobody had the time or inclination to make love the way it should be done. After all, love is never about you as a person, is it? It is about the experience. Give your lover an intimate massage and bring back the connection that you naturally have on a physical, sensual, spiritual and universal level. Here is a preview of what you will learn... . The ancient and somewhat mysterious origins of some of the most successful massage techniques . How to increase the levels of intimacy with your partner using lighting, sounds and scents... How different breathing techniques will enhance your pleasure and that of your partner . The benefits and methods to incorporate tantra to the massage . Learn the amazing Yoni and Lingam techniques that will drive you partner crazy Purchase your copy today.

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My name is Dominique Atkinson. For as long as I can remember, I've always loved the act of creation, a love that eventually led me to graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree in fine art. Now, I teach art for a living, both to school children and interested adults. My friends call me a "free spirit" because I have so many passions! I've always felt a mystical connection between my artwork, my teachings, and my soul. This feeling has inspired my study of world religions and history. I've read and admired the works of masters in many traditions, belief systems, and time periods. Learning from their words, I work to create books that will promote complete, holistic wellness in your body, mind, and soul. Whether I'm helping people find inner peace through the practices of Buddhism, the awareness-building power and fitness benefits of Yoga, or the soothing and healing power of essential oils, writing allows me to connect with people around the world and share my transcendent experiences and spiritual journeys. My goal is to help people to heal themselves and discover a deep passion for life--just as I have--by encouraging them to seek out new spiritual, creative, and healing experiences. I aspire to create instructional books are fun, simple-to-follow, and provide a wealth of knowledge. My books and lessons have helped many of my students discover their own latent talents, and I hope you will enjoy the process of developing your own creative flair and "artist's eye" as much as I have! Thanks and best of luck!! Dominique Atkinson

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ISBN: 9781544111001
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Publication Date: February 23rd, 2017
Pages: 46
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