The Ultimate Woman's Guide to Male Chastity (Paperback)

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If you are reading this book, you are most probably a woman interested in broaching the matter of male chastity. You see, this book is all about male chastity, in other words - self control. The question is, how exactly, can this male chastity thing help you and your partner's sex life? You are probably confused and you don't have to worry, for you are not alone in this. This book will help you understand the idea of male chastity and learn about the sexual fantasies that might seem dirty and unappealing to you now, but could possibly save your sex life. You will learn what the male chastity subject is all about; the erotic fantasy of submitting to wearing a chastity device and the value of your man in a sexual prison in your relationship. At first, the idea of locking your partner's male organ in a device seem strange to you. But overtime, you will find that your partner sees this thing in an altogether new perspective, something that is attractive and quite exciting for him. To some, forceful prevention of erection and orgasm may definitely seem odd, but there are men who find it very arousing. Getting started is sometimes difficult and the Internet provides you with lots of information that is mostly filled with fantasy over fact. This is because most of those writings are written by men as an outlet to let out their kinky fantasies. It is nothing more than erotic web fantasies that are much too complicated and bizarre for many women's tastes. You are likely to get turned off by these, thinking that the whole male chastity thing is not for you. However, in this book we assure you that the subject of male chastity is explained and directed to helping you understand the entire concept in full light. It is all about using the male chastity game to rekindle the fire in your sex life for enjoying a much better relationship with your partner.

About the Author

MISTRESS DEDE is not only an accomplished author but also a passionate practitioner of the art of female dominance. She is the founder and CEO of the "Forced Feminization Academy" and currently oversees various online training programs aimed at male transformation and feminization/sissification. Learn more about Mistress Dede at

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ISBN: 9781519488305
ISBN-10: 1519488300
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2015
Pages: 26
Language: English