Forever (Paperback)

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In 480 B.C., a mysterious alien spaceship is attacked, and in a desperate attempt to survive, the captain of the ship launches an attack that sends both his ship and his crew hurtling down through the Earth's atmosphere, where it crashes into the base of a mountain in the German Alps.

No one knew what lay hidden deep beneath the snowcapped mountainside; that is until the ship was discovered in 1943 by a lone miner who saw it as a chance to both help the Reich, and to enrich himself at the same time, the miner makes contact with a geologist named Professor Hans Steiger, who's been on a relentless search for iron resources. Fortunately for him, he's about to discover something far more valuable.

The Third Reich gains access to the alien ship and attempts to use its relativistic time travel technology to alter the course of the war. Their efforts are being led by the ambitious and heartless SS officer, Sturmbannfuhrer Kristock Keck, who uses the ship's technology to steal military weaponry from the future.

In 2014, Yanis Miller, a Jewish math professor from Jerusalem, goes on a rock-climbing adventure in Germany's glacier covered Alps. When he falls down a rupture in the melting ice and finds a buried Nazi plane, he retrieves an Enigma machine that holds the key to stopping Keck's plan to save the Reich and change the course of history. Now, if he could only decipher the coded message in time...

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ISBN: 9780998234977
ISBN-10: 0998234974
Publisher: Red Team Ink (DBA) of Zealot Solution's Idaho
Publication Date: December 5th, 2016
Pages: 244
Language: English